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10 best counties to buy your next residency in the UK

Conveyancing in Kent
Georgian homes in Kent

It is really a difficult decision which county in the UK is the best to live. Each one of them has their own advantages. People love to buy a home in a VIP community, where they can enjoy all the great facilities of livelihood such as high status quo, health facilities, business, and employment opportunities. In addition, people also like to have a little bit of fun, visiting the leisure sights in their cities. Some people live in families, while teens like to live with their friends in a single apartment building such as a flat. So buying a home in the UK depends both on needs and on the demands of the residents of the country. I have compiled a list of beautiful counties where people can buy their next homes in the UK.

  1. Kent
    People love to buy a home in the County of Kent. There are many beautiful cities and rural areas in the Kent. Dartford is one of the best cities to buy your homes. In addition, people can also buy some beautiful cottages in the rural areas of the Kent County. The prices of houses in Kent start from £200,000, which is an optimum house price for homes in the UK.
  2. Norfolk
    The average price of a house in Norfolk is $276546. Terrace properties are sold at a price of $166000 and semi-detached houses are available at $182,168 average price. It is a sparsely populated county, with beautiful lush green lands and historical landmarks.
  3. Berkshire
    It is a little expensive than Norfolk County. The average price of a flat is £222592; detached houses are sold at a higher price than flats and semi-detached houses. People consider Berkshire in high regards
  4. Yorkshire
    It is a beautiful Greenland, enriched with multiple heritage sites and historic buildings. House prices are cheaper than a few other parts of the country. People can enjoy a healthy, calm, and beautiful lifestyle in the Yorkshire County.
  5. Cardiff, Wales
    Cardiff is a port city in South Coast of Wales. The average cost of buying the house in Cardiff is £202,833. People can avail education facilities from Cardiff University and other different high schools in the city.
  6. Manchester
    Average prices of houses in Manchester are £158,924. Therefore, people can buy houses with less money as compared to the counties in the list.
  7. Cambridge
    It is an expensive County; however, people can enjoy all the facilities needed for a normal lifestyle. Cambridge University is the ultimate proud of Cambridge City of the County.
  8. Oxford
    The average home buying cost in Oxford is £340000, little expensive, but there are many upsides of buying a home in Oxford. People who like to live in a calm environment might disagree with me, but the kind of facilities Oxford County will offer you might change your mind. There are great universities and schools in the county, hospital, and other facilities. You can buy a home in Banbury that might cost you £277,000.
  9. London
    It is an expensive County, the average price of houses is £541940. However, houses in the East London and Southeast are cheaper than the houses of Central London. The population is quite high and the household income is higher as compared to the other part of the state.
  10. Birmingham, West Midlands
    Birmingham is a borough in the West Midlands of England. Houses are available in different shapes and prices in the borough. Disposable household income for Birmingham is high as compared to the other cities in the UK. It is a great place to live in the country.

Conveyancing Essentials

If you own a property, you have to be familiar with the process of conveyancing. The success of conveyancing depends upon whether you know about the process or not. Below are the some important things you may want to know.

Definition of Conveyance

Conveyancing Kent

Conveyancing refers to the transfer of property ownership from a seller to a buyer. The transfer can’t take place via sales contracts. So, you have to go for a conveyancer in England and Wales.

There are two stages in this process. The first stage is the exchange of contracts and the other is the completion of sale. It is therefore recommended that you go with a conveyancer. Make sure you know the conveyancing fees involved.
You should carry out “searches” since this part is very important. This will help you verify the title and procedures, which includes the inspection of the land registration and other clauses.

Aside from these, you may have to check the zone certification to find out if the house is good for future developments. Also, there is the stratum records that discuss the insurance of the building.

Transfer of Deeds

The conveyancing is done by a conveyancer or solicitor. You can do it on your own tool. For this you will have to do the research to know the updated policies. You may need to get help from a lawyer to deal with certain areas. Keep in mind that conveyancing fees can be as high as £2000.

The Right Conveyancer

If you are on the lookout of a productive option, you may want to consider hiring the services of a conveyancer in England and Wales. The conveyancing fees can vary based on the level of experience of a conveyancer. But it is recommended that you pay a bit extra and go with the best professional possible. When hiring a pro, make sure they are qualified and experienced and belong to a conveyancing firm. Interview 3 to 4 professionals to get an idea of who is the best.

As said earlier, you can handle the entire matter on your own, but you should be ready to invest the required time and have patience. Keep in mind that even little mistakes can negatively affect the transfer reducing the value of the property. So, to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended that you work with a conveyancer to get the job done in the best way possible.

What types of property you should buy in Kent, England

Conveyancing Kent
View of Dover Kent

Each buyer in the UK wants an ideal residency that suits his/her family needs. Sometimes when people hear, words from several mouths they can’t decide what they should choose for buying the perfect homes that fulfil their family’s needs. In such times, an experienced solicitor or conveyancer can help you buy a perfect home in Kent County, England. Today, you will learn what are the different of types of property in the UK and who will help you buying an ideal residency for you in the county of Kent.

Types of properties

Properties could be either a residential home, commercial, flats, and a few other types. Let’s talk about a few types of properties that people can buy in the Kent County.

Residential Properties

These houses are usually bought for the purpose of permanent or temporary residence. These can also be further categorized into

  1. Bungalow
  2. Detached
  3. Semi-detached
  4. Flat
  5. End of terrace
  6. Cottage


A bungalow is a low profile house somewhat similar to a cottage; they differ in their style, size, and built. Bungalow has a garage and a small lawn. These kind of properties are popular in America.


Thick walls, low ceiling, small windows, and a hut like shape, is the definition of a cottage. People can find them in rural and semi-rural areas in the UK.

Detached Houses

These are standalone houses that people can buy in Kent. These are expensive as compared to a flat or end of terrace properties.

Semi-Detached Houses

We define semi-detached houses as a pair of houses joins together by a single wall. They share one common wall; therefore, such houses are less expensive than a standalone house.


Long row of houses joins together forms a terrace; they usually look alike and share two wall at each side of the house.


A flat is a self-contained living area that forms a part of the building. A residential building may contain several flats and each flat is owned by different residents of the flat. People can share a common flat, living together in different rooms of the flat.

Commercial building

Commercial buildings are built for the purpose of earning money from the building, such as hotels, restaurants, multipurpose buildings, etc. They could be used for the purpose of getting benefit as well as residency.

Leasehold properties vs Freehold properties

Properties could be either a freehold or a leasehold.

Freehold properties

A freehold property is the one where the owner gets the straight away right of the property. He/she will not be liable for any kind of rent or cost on the ownership of the property. There will no limit or timeline on the ownership of the land. The house will belong to the buyer as long as he/she want it.

Leasehold property

These are the properties that people can buy on lease; he/she will hold the lease on the property for a specific time limit. However, the actual owner still have the right of the property and when the lease end, the property should back to its owner.

What type of property you should buy

It depends on the buyer’s own preferences, needs, and demands. If a buyer is married with kids, he/she should buy a residential property. If you want to earn profit from the building, you have the option of buying a commercial property. Some people also like their residence in a commercial property such as multi-purpose property with both a residency and a shop. Freehold properties are recommended by solicitors in England; however, buying a leasehold property has its own advantage. Leasehold property is less expensive while freehold property is an expensive property. Whatever property you buy, take everything into consideration before signing a deal. You can also ask advice from an experienced solicitor in Kent.

Conveyancing in Kent

Conveyancing in Kent
Kent countryside

Kent is most popular as “The Garden of England” because of many different fruits grown and gardens available in the county. Kent is at the south-east of England, and in a good weather you can even see the eastern shores of France. The ports of Kent have been providing resource for the country for decades, with London at its northern border. So all things considered, moving here isn’t a bad thing to do.

If you are planning on moving to Kent, you’ll first need to find property where you’d like to settle and live. But that isn’t going to be easy for an inexperienced individual. There are many legal entities to be analysed and transferred which have to be handled and checked with care of before you can move into your new home or property.

Conveyancing is a process which deals with dealings with buying or selling of a property. The process of conveyancing in Kent is similar to other parts of England and Wales. Once you find a property and make arrangements with the seller, you have to go ahead with the conveyancing process. It is often recommended that if you want the process to be smoothly, you’ll need to find yourself a licensed conveyancing solicitor that will handle all the legal and other workload of the process.

You can go ahead and do it yourself, but unless you are experienced on this process and familiar with the legal requirements, it is strongly recommended you hire an experienced local conveyancing solicitor that will make the process easier for you helping you every step of the way. You have to understand that this is a long time-consuming process and mistakes can lead to possible complications in the future. So you’d like to avoid them doing it yourself.

In Kent, conveyancing solicitor will represent you legally and check every little detail about the property to make sure that there isn’t any hidden complication or disagreement in the contract, property and the whole dealing. Licensed Conveyancing solicitors are used to smoothly handle buying, selling or re-mortgaging the property. The conveyancing quotes will defer with the position you take on the conveyancing process.

Here’s what a conveyancing solicitor does for you; if you are the buyer, the conveyancing solicitor will go through the agreements you made with the buyer and make a draft contract to make sure every detail is properly included. They are also liable to check if the property doesn’t have any future complications with the local authority. For example, if there’s a government’s plan to build a road through the property in the future. They will also let the local authority to check the property for any defects that could stop the transference of the property.

They will also ask the seller or their legal representative questions regarding the property which may concern you. This is where the solicitors experience plays an important role. As they have been through the process numerous times, they have the ability to find faults and defects in the conveyancing process much easier. This will prevent you from making a un-reversible mistake.

If you aren’t re-mortgaging, once all the checks are done, they will check all the details on the contract. You are to sign the contract and then after you have transferred the sale price that you’ve agreed on to the seller, you will be handed the legal documents of the property. And then you can move in to your new property on Kent.