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Choosing a conveyancer in Kent is very easy for UK residents

choosing a conveyancer in kentKent real estate market is the most attractive market in the UK. Day by day, each properties see a rise in its overall worth. Soon prices of houses in Kent would increase beyond the range of low income people. If you got the opportunity to buy a property in Kent, then you should move fast before it is too late for your home buying in Kent. The average price of property for Kent £257,034 which in the couple of years back was £213,356. At the very start of the year 2105, the average price of properties in Margate, Kent was £164,786, which was later rose to £204,631, a 24% rise of properties from the start of the year to its very end. Such a rise in property prices has shown people greater interest in buying properties in Kent. Therefore, buy your next home in Kent before someone else steals that deal from you.

Why people recommend choosing a conveyancer in Kent for home buying?

For instance, if there are more buyers of the same home that you want to buy, then you should hire a solicitor or a property lawyer who would represent you in your home buying in Kent. It is a great thing to know that a person who is representing you to the seller is the master in his/her field. An incompetent solicitor would not be able to help you as he/she would have less experience in the field as compared to the solicitor of the send buyer. It will result losing the deal, as the seller would sell the home who offer him or her the best price or deal against the home.

Finding the right solicitor in the Kent County

In the next few headings, you will learn how to find the best solicitors working in the Kent County. Finding a solicitor is an easy thing, especially if you have done this before. Even first time buyers need not to worry about hiring solicitors in the UK. There are many professional property lawyers in the UK who will offer you the best conveyancing services.

Asking for conveyancing quotes

When you approach a solicitor, the first thing solicitor will offer you is the conveyancing quote for buying the house. Conveyancing quote is the price or charge of the solicitor in home buying deals. It comprises of two parts, i.e. disbursements and solicitor basic fee.

  1. Solicitor basic fee
    A fee that you have to pay the solicitor in return for his service of buying the home for you. Value added fees are also the part of the solicitor basic fee that people would be paying without any argument.
  2. Disbursements
    There are different fees such as local search service charges, stamp duty charges, land registry charges, and survey fees.
  3. Fixed Conveyancing Fee
    Before solicitor proceeds with your case fixed conveyancing fee agreement, he/she will offer you a fixed conveyancing quote for buying the home. This will help you know what you will be paying for buying the home in Kent.
  4. No win no pay fee
    Beside fixed conveyancing fee agreements, No win no pay fee agreement are the one in which solicitor will only get paid after winning the deal from the seller. If he/she fails to help the buyer in buying the home, he/she would not be paid.
  5. Hourly Agreements
    Solicitors mostly work on hourly agreements and buyer only be paying to the solicitor against the hours he/she worked on your contract. In case, if solicitor fails to win the deal, a part of the money would be returned to the buyer.

Compare conveyancing quote of different solicitors

After visiting the offices or websites, people can compare conveyancing quote offered by different solicitors working in the Kent. Against their experience in the Kent County, they can hire them. However, people should make sure that the solicitor is a professional in the field of home buying and selling.


Choosing a conveyancer in Kent is a great deal because only experience personal can help you in buying homes in the real estate market of Kent. If you still face difficulty in buying homes Kent County, you can visit our website.

The Cost Involved When Moving House

moving houseWhen someone wants to sell their existing property and buy a new property, the first thing they will be interested in knowing is how much they need to lend from the housing financial institutions to buy the new property. This can be worked out by considering the expected price for your existing property and also any other assets that you have in terms of gold ornaments and shares that you had bought many years ago.

The actual cost of moving your house will be the difference between the selling price of your old property and the actual cost of buying the new property. The first important factor to workout is the value of your old property and how much it can fetch you. This can be calculated by making use of the many online house evaluation calculators available. Though this will not be the exact amount, it will be 80% to 90% of that amount.

Another factor that you need to factor in is your existing mortgage. If you have still some outstanding amount on your current property, then you need to repay the loan amount with some portion of the amount that you will be getting after selling the existing house. Thus the real amount on hand will be the selling cost minus the amount that has been earmarked to close the initial mortgage loan, that had been taken during the purchase of the old property. This amount you have will only be available with you after you have sold the existing property. Till that point, you have some cash surplus in the form of bank deposits and shares. This will be able to take care of the purchase cost associated in buying the new house.

Based on the amount you have in hand after selling the old property, you need to work out how much more mortgage loan one should opt for. Usually the loan amount should not exceed the three times the person’s salary. As there are many lenders around, one has to do a proper comparison of the interest rates charged by the different lenders.

There are also mortgage brokers who will be able to help you in finding the right mortgage deal. When considering the sale of a house, there are some costs associated with that. The costs include the solicitor’s fee, mortgage redemption charges, and storage and removal costs. There are also certain costs associated with the purchase of a new property. This includes the solicitor’s fees, Land registration fees, and mortgage lender’s legal fee.

The Whole truth about fixed fee conveyancing Kent

fixed fee conveyancing kentIf you are looking to buy homes in a great neighborhood, you can find several of them in the County of Kent. In today times, Kent is considered as the best County to live in. There are great urban, semi-rural, and rural areas in the County where people can buy homes of their own living. Homes in Kent are sold at low prices as compared to those in the London or Cambridge Counties. However, being an attractive property market, people are moving fast to the Kent County and prices are rising after each passing year. Therefore, you need to approach fast to any estate agent for the purpose of finding a home in any great neighborhood of the county. He/she will help you find some suitable homes in the property market of the cities of Kent County.

How to find fixed fee conveyancing Kent

After you find a good property that suits your family need and meet their demand, approach a solicitor or licensed conveyancer who will help you buy you a great home in the area of Kent County. Today, we will discuss about fixed fee conveyancing Kent and advantages of buying homes with fixed fee base conveyancing quotes. Before, we proceed a head discussing about fixed fee conveyancing, first we should get some knowledge about conveyancing lawyers.

Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers – What is the difference?

There are two types of property conveyancers i.e. solicitors and licensed conveyancers; both are legal authorized to help people buy homes in the UK. The major difference between them is the authority who regulates and defines the ethics, rules, and regulation of their work in the property market of the UK. Another difference is the study and work experience of solicitors against the licensed conveyancer. Solicitors are lawyers who have complete their study of law for all the 4 years and also a 6 months internship under the guidance of an experienced solicitor. On the other hand, licensed conveyancers are not complete lawyers; however, they are the specialist for the field of home buying and selling.

Why fixed fee conveyancing?

Fees are charged to the buyers based on fixed or hourly bases which depend on the personal preference of the solicitors and licensed conveyancers. Fixed fee are normally prescribed as a feasible option as compared to hourly based fees. There are a few reasons such as

  1. Fixed fees are clear and written in detail
    There is no such thing as surprise charges. People will be paying the cost that was offer to them in paper with detail headings and sections. There will be no hidden fee or surprise charges that some buyers face if they hire inexperienced or nonprofessional firms.
  2. Fixed fee are negotiable
    People can negotiate over the price of home buying; solicitor or licensed conveyancer might give money relief based to a person who deserves it. If you are buying a property with money on hand, you would have the power of negotiation and it will work especially for fixed fee based conveyancers.
  3. Compare and Convey
    With fixed fee, people can compared conveyancing quote of solicitors or licensed conveyancer working in the Kent County. It will be helpful because people will go to the lawyer who charges less as compared to the other in the property market of the Kent County.
  4. No win no pay fee
    Both hourly and fixed fee come under this category. If the lawyer failed to buy a successful deal, buyer wouldn’t be paying anything to the lawyer. With fixed fee basis, buyers only have to pay a few charges based on the types of lawyers or law firms. But on the hourly based contracts, buyers have to pay fee against the hours solicitor has worked on your contract.


The whole idea of the article is to help people hire solicitor based on fixed fee conveyancing Kent County. I am sure, knowing the above facts; you can decide whether you need to hire an hourly based property lawyer or a fixed fee base property lawyer.

How to Find the Best Conveyancing Solicitor Kent

Best Conveyancing Solicitor KentWhenever you are buying or selling a property, you will need to hire a conveyancing solicitor; this may not seem fair, as you might think that you can deal with all the various aspects of the conveyancing process yourself, yet this is almost certainly not the case.

The conveyancing process is a veritable minefield of red tape, permits and mountains of paperwork, in which one tiny mistake could lead to a massive delay in the process, not to mention a costly financial payout in order to correct the error. This is why it is best to let the professionals deal with all the messy, boring stuff while you look forward to choosing which wallpaper suits your new home!

However, it may seem as if every conveyancing solicitor is offering different services, some of which may be applicable to your case and some of which may not; the trick is, finding the right conveyancing solicitor for your requirements, so that is why this article is providing some useful tips and advice on choosing the right conveyancing solicitor for you.

The first piece of advice is to make sure you are as well-versed in the necessities of your conveyancing deal as possible, in order to select the best legal help; for example, if you are buying or selling a small cottage in the countryside, then you should look for a solicitor or law firm with the most experience in that field.

Conversely, if you are into the business side of the conveyancing process and are looking to develop a block of flats then you should seek out a law firm that offers lawyers that specialize in that particular field.

This is all very well, but how do you compare such law firms and solicitors without countless hours of ringing round bored receptionists and asking for consultations, some of which will no doubt be expensive? Well, there are some internet sites out there that will allow you to compare and contrast conveyancing solicitors’ various attributes for free, before you make a final decision; these are well worth looking in to, if you are serious about finding the best conveyancing solicitor in Kent for you.

Well, there we have it; this simple, yet effective advice should ensure that you get the best deal for you, provided that you do the correct research and don’t settle for the lawyer with the flashiest website, that is! If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor or just great legal advice go to Take Legal Advice.