Cheap solicitor for house purchase Kent

Cheap solicitor for house purchase Kent area

Buying your home for the first time is ultimately everyone’s dream. And it involves a lot of investment for an average earner. This thought makes it a lot more personal and risky. If someone isn’t careful enough during the conveyancing process, the buyer would have to settle for improper or damaged home. One of the reasons that people use solicitors is to make sure that such case doesn’t appear to them. Kent is a great place to move, and you can find a cheap solicitor for house purchase Kent area fairly easily.

Ever purchase or sale of the property should go through conveyancing to make the transfer legally binding. Your search for a cheap solicitor for house purchase should start online with online conveyancing quote comparison sites. The widely popular site called “Reallymoving” has many top quality conveyancing firms that offer their quotes through these sites.

You enter your details or the location and price of the property you’re interested. Then the site filter outs the conveyancing solicitor firms that are available in that area and will send you a quote based on the few details you sent. While the service is straight forward, they can often limit their requests to only a few top firms. Which means you are going to have to go through multiple of these sites to get a better look at the cheap solicitor rates for conveyancing house purchase in Kent.

The average price of conveyancing in Ken is around £400 which means you have to expect a minimum of £300 for conveyancing. The rate also varies from borough to borough and also depends on the complexity of the purchase.

Things that add costs to conveyancing during a purchase are:

Ownership of the property:

Leasehold property has a higher conveyancing rate than freehold property. And multiple owners of the property also adds to the complexity.

Obtaining a mortgage

If you are obtaining a mortgage to pay for the purchase of the house, the solicitor has to deal with the lenders and finalize their work before they lend you money. The added task affects the solicitors fees.

We recommend that you collect quotes from reputable, and Law Society’s accredited conveyancing firms then compare their prices and service quality. You might want to try a new conveyancing firm because of the cheap solicitor fees, but you might end up risking your money and the case to inexperienced conveyancing solicitors.

After consolidating your quotes from the trustworthy firms in Kent, contact them and have a detailed conversation about the case, the tasks to be performed and their fees. Make sure to list them down so you can compare them with each other. You will also want to go for fixed price conveyancing as some firms resort to adding up costs during conveyancing which were probably hiding on their initial quote. Deciding to choose a fixed priced fee will save you a lot of stress.

Lastly, check the reviews of the firms both online and offline if you can. These reviews make it easy to confirm their quality of service is as good as they say. Past customer experience says a lot about the quality of service, and you need to choose the right solicitor, not just a cheap solicitor.

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