Kent Conveyancing Services

Kent Conveyancing Services

Kent County in England is one of the most populated residential areas in the country and naturally, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of Kent conveyancing services around here. With the housing marketing projected to boom by at least 5% between 2015 – 2020, people here will regularly buy and sell their houses. Kent has a substantially large land area of 3,736 km2 and a population of roughly 1.7 million people and is expected to increase soon with the “Brexit” looming and more foreigners want to work and live in the UK. More potential buyers mean more conveyancing transactions and better property market outcomes!

Different Kinds of Kent Conveyancing Services

The fact that there are a lot of Kent conveyancing services shows how the real estate industry in this county is booming! To be quite clear on this, the majority of UK is experiencing these economic dynamics, so it is not surprising to see conveyancing services ready to offer you help anytime you reach out to them. Some of them offer hassle-free 10 seconds quote for users going to their websites while others offer a percent off of the total cost of the house you wish to purchase! Moreover, these firms have been around the industry for quite some time now. Thus, they also offer you affordable solicitor services who are experts in their fields.

Applicable Fees

The above mentioned was not intended to sugarcoat what Kent conveyancing services charge their clients, but their fees are fair that customers appreciate it enough to hire their services for their conveyancing needs. Due to the complex nature of conveyancing anyone who wants to purchase a real estate property in Ken, London or greater UK will need conveyancing firms and solicitors. Here is an example of the conveyancing *fees:


• Regular transaction £449
• Bank transfers £30
• For acting for your mortgage lender £100
• Completing Stamp Duty Forms £75
• VAT(20%) £130.80

Other Costs and Disbursements

• Stamp Duty
• Land Registry £80-200 (depending on price of the property)
• Local Search £85 (Kent)
• Priority Search £4
• Land Charges £4

*excerpts from

Basically, all your conveyancing charges should not exceed £600, and if the conveyancing service you hired asks for more money, or they have hidden fees, then you should cut off all transactions with them immediately. That is clearly excessive and rarely not worth trying them out just because they have the highest quote.

Why Kent County?

Considered as one of the most beautiful spots in the United Kingdom, Kent is home to almost 2 million residents – all of whom have spacious and beautiful real estate properties. The endless flatlands of the British Isles makes it ideal to live in as locals would say “they could run through the meadows forever.” Here beauty is unobstructed before your eyes and that is a rare thing, plus you get all the benefits of pleasant cold weather, warm people, scenic views like the White Cliffs of Dover, dozens of medieval castles and other ancient Celtic sites; Kent is an enthralling county! So if you are thinking about getting a real estate property in the UK, then it is best to get a quote and contact Kent conveyancing services right away.

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