Conveyancing Law Firms Kent

Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent

Located in the South Eastern part of England, Kent is one of England’s leading ports. With a population of just over 1.4 million as per the 2014 census. The county is the second most populous in the South East region. Known as “The Garden of England,” Kent is blessed with an abundance of fruit and hop gardens. The county is diversified both economically and demographically with a relatively large black and Asian population. Its proximity to France also makes it a hotspot as a port for those traveling from England to France via the sea. Moving to Kent can change the world for some, Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent are on the rise and there’s a lot of competition to choose from.

With a vibrant economy and a large population, Kent’s real estate is very competitive. As a result, there are several law firms in Kent dealing in real estate in the county.

Well Known Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent

The most common ones are independent property Lawyers Ltd located in Ashford, Kent; V.E White & Solicitors, Orchid law also located in Ashford, Bull & Bull Conveyancing located in Canterbury. NBM Law, Keogh Caisley, Frederic Hall, Andrew Lee & Co are also major firms found within Kent. It is up to an individual to choose the best company to handle the legalities of the transaction for you. Price wise NBM Law is known to offer the best services with a low cost conveyancing budget.

Now in the real estate field, it is important to know exactly who does what. Many people fail to differentiate between a solicitor and a conveyancer. The two offer the same services as they both deal with the legalities of the transaction i.e. transferring the titles from the seller to the buyer. Their differences come with their education, their experience in the field and the bodies that govern or regulate them.

Conveyancing Solicitor Vs Licensed Conveyancers

A solicitor spends more time with in-depth learning of the Law than licensed conveyancers. He/she is at first a lawyer with at least 3 to 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree in law. They then go to law school to qualify as full-fledged lawyers, and it is during this time that they choose to specialize in real estate. After their stint in law school, solicitors will join a firm to start their practice. Such law firms in Kent are like the ones stated above; they are an assortment of lawyers each with their specialization pooling their resources together regarding expertise to provide legal services to their various clients.

Conveyancers, on the other hand, do not have to go to law school or earn a bachelor’s degree. They obtain their training through experience in conveyancing law firms for the field and earn their certification after being tested in examinations. A conveyancer, however, is not to be taken as a novice. Their many years of experience in the field gives them an edge over solicitors. Indeed many people in the UK do prefer legal conveyancers over solicitors. Conveyancers also offer their services through firms where some conveyancers gather their resources and expertise to provide conveyancing services to their clients.

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