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fixed price conveyancing fees

Reality behind fixed price conveyancing fees

Solicitors usually state their prices before taking on a job. These fixed price conveyancing fees do not change anytime during conveyancing. Other solicitors charge hourly fees. The problem with hourly fees is that they suit the solicitor rather than buyers and sellers. A solicitor who charges hourly fees can delay conveyance to earn more money. Hourly fee requires that a client pay after the solicitor undertakes every conveyancing procedure. This may be inconveniencing to customers that have other obligations separate from the property transaction.

Fixed prices may or may not include disbursement fees.  A client should confirm whether disbursement fees are a part of fees that are quoted by his solicitor. Solicitors include disbursement fees in their fees because the disbursement fees are usually lesser in value. These fees range from £14 to £150. It is easier to pay them along with solicitor fees rather than treating them separately.

Counsel fees may be fixed but still, vary from one solicitor to the other.  Some solicitors charge higher fees than others. The more experienced a solicitor is, the more they will charge. A solicitor may also charge higher fixed fees if the particular property transaction is complicated. For example, the cost of conveyancing commonhold properties is higher than that for freehold properties. This is because commonhold properties are more difficult. More documents are filed during the sale of a commonhold property. Conveyancing leasehold properties also cost a lot.

A client can always negotiate the fees that are charged by the solicitor. The fee that is arrived at after negotiation becomes the fixed fee. This fee can be paid upfront or any other time of conveyance. The fee can also be paid in a lump sum or instalments. Clients paying instalments must prove that they can pay. A solicitor may also waiver fees to repeat clients and to customers brought to them by their previous clients. This does not make conveyancing any less professional. Solicitor Regulatory Authority expects all solicitors to relate to their clients professionally. This is a principle that solicitors adhere to at all times.

It is also necessary for a solicitor and his client to talk about how the fixed price is going to be paid. The payment system should be suitable for both the client and the attorney. It should be noted down in the quote whether check or debit card will pay the money. Clients usually do not interact much with their solicitors. They only talk when an important matter that is related to conveyance arises. Payment systems have to be agreed upon early so that it does not become a subject of discussion or dispute.

It is always important to keep an open mind when thinking about the fixed price because it is never fixed per se.  Even a professional solicitor cannot predict with absolute certainty what conveyance of a property will involve. If there is more to do than was expected, then the solicitor must ask for adjustments in the fixed price. A lenient solicitor may reduce the price if the work they actually do is less than they expected.

licensed conveyancer kent

Role of a licensed conveyancer

A licensed conveyancer according to the CLC (Council of Licensed Conveyancers) is “a specialist property lawyer qualified in all aspects of property law in England and Wales. A licensed conveyancer is also a Commissioner of Oaths and an increasing number are also licensed to offer probate services.” They in simple terms deal with the legal side of a real estate transaction. It is important to note that while a real estate agent does the actual transaction by looking for a seller or a buyer for your property they are not responsible for the legalities. As a buyer or a seller, it is up to you to choose the best conveyancer to handle such matters for you. The legal side is what makes the transaction official and any mistake done in the process can be detrimental to the success of the project.

Also noteworthy is the fact that there are thousands of conveyancers in the UK, but not all of them are licensed conveyancers. A licensed conveyancer has to receive accreditation from the CLC (Council of Licensed Conveyancers). He/she will have gone through a series of rigorous examinations which they are expected to pass highly so as to qualify for a license to operate. Their actions are solely focused on property transaction.

Although they do a number of examinations, a licensed conveyancer is usually judged based on their experience in the field. For one to be fully accredited, for instance, you need to have worked at least one year in the field and another year under supervision.

Licensed Conveyancer and Solicitors

Due to their similarity in the services they provide many people find it hard and sometimes unnecessary to differentiate between a licensed conveyancer and solicitor. A solicitor is first a lawyer who studies and trains in a variety of fields; these include family law, litigation and so on. They explore these areas extensively and also go through a series of rigorous examinations. The main difference with a licensed conveyancer is that they can offer services on a variety of legal work while a conveyancer solely focusses on real estate transactions.

Solicitors are therefore best suited to deal with complicated cases that require one to have a knowledge of a myriad of legal concepts. The largest legal firms in the UK have solicitors who offer conveyancing services for their clients. However much the advantage, many people still prefer the services of a local conveyancer over a solicitor since as it has consistently proven, experience trumps textbook knowledge.

Cheap Conveyancing Kent

How to get cheap conveyancing in Kent?

In the recent time, Kent has emerged as one of the brightest places for the residential and the commercial properties. The best part of the Kent is to have a property where one can enjoy the fresh country air and at the same time can get the facilities of the urbanized society. This is a rare combination, and thus Kent is one of the most preferred places in the United Kingdom. But conveyancing is vital for the property transfer and thus one must look for the cheap conveyancing in Kent.

How to accomplish cheap conveyancing?

The cheap conveyancing that is also an excellent service may not be easy to find. Few things must be understood very well before looking out for cheap conveyancing. Conveyancing fees consist of various things such solicitor fee, search fee, disbursement fee and others. These are the costs that are fixed and constant. So, there is hardly any chance to reduce the cost apart from the solicitor fee. The solicitor fee is the only fee in conveyancing that can impact and reduce the conveyancing cost.

How to reduce solicitor fees

Few methods can reduce the solicitor fees in Kent. One must understand that the comparison of the solicitors’ fees may help you to reduce the cost. However, the cheap conveyancing does not really mean drastic impact on the cost for conveyancing. There are special schemes like fixed price conveyancing, guaranteed conveyancing and many others that can stop the leakage of extra conveyancing cost and thus reduce the conveyance cost as a whole. If your property looks fine and does not have any legal complexities, then you can go for a conveyancer as well instead of a solicitor. This will make sure that the cost of the conveyancing gets highly reduced. The conveyancer who is a specialist for the conveyancing process charges less than the solicitor who also has the expertise in the property law apart from conveyancing.

How cheap conveyancing makes difference

There are certain things that one must understand. The conveyancing process is generally bounded by some guidelines and thus is constant. The search fees and the disbursement fees are crucial but are constant. However, the poor condition of the property and the different legal process may increase the conveyancing cost. The property dispute and the legal dispute may increase the cost, and thus it must be avoided. The cheap conveyancing does mean not only the reduction of the cost but also the reduction of the extra cost.

You can go for the trustworthy and the reputed law firms and the solicitors to ensure that the job is done neatly. The price must be verified and compared as well. Cheap conveyancing is interesting and appealing. However, one must make sure that the quality of the conveyancing is not compromised for the more affordable cost.

Quick conveyance kent

Things to consider for Quick conveyance in Kent

Kent is one of the most popular places in the United Kingdom for the properties. There are ranges of properties available in Kent ranging from new to old; freehold to leasehold. There are many people willing to buy the properties as well. People also seek for quick conveyance option to ensure that the ownership transfer completes as soon as possible. However, it is not always very easy to get access to the quick conveyancing. However, that does not rule out the possibilities of it as well. Few things need to be understood, consider and implement.

Things to consider for quick conveyance

There are few things that one must know. Quick conveyancing does not mean skipping the process or sidelining the legal responsibilities of the transfer of the house. A person must be smart enough and should be well prepared to cut down the time of the conveyancing process.


It depends on the solicitor by a considerable amount. One must select an experienced solicitor and an expert one as well. It is great to share the details of the properties to the solicitor at an early stage. After the study of the properties and checking the legal situations of the home, someone is buying; if the solicitor agrees for a time bound conveyancing case, then it is best for the buyer. Quick Conveyancing is nothing but dealing the legal aspects of the transfer efficiently and an experienced solicitor with the extensive professional network may help to facilitate that.


The first thing that you must do is to get a proper idea about the house you are buying. You can always hire an architecture expert or a legal expert to understand the plan of the house along with the legal feasibilities. Many properties have issues with planning and other things, and it runs into legal complications. In such scenarios the buyers need to wait for the verdict and one must not take the risk. Visit of a professional team on the property is a great factor for the quick conveyance.

Search and Disbursement

Conveyancing has different parts, but the searching the local authorities, and the disbursement are the significant hurdles. However, one must pay for the search fees and disbursement fees as early as possible to avoid unnecessary time consumption.

Finance and Mortgage

The finance and mortgage for the property take much time for the conveyance process. The best tip for the quick conveyance is to arrange the finances before the process starts. The majority of the people get delayed for the mortgage amount for the property. One must hold talks with the financial institutions or the lenders to make the process as fast as possible. Handling the conveyancing swiftly and efficiently is all about managing things correctly and on time. However, most of the people fail to do that in Kent and other parts of the United Kingdom. However, these simple tips can make lots of difference in the time taken for conveyancing.


Local conveyancing solicitors kent

Local conveyancing solicitors for Kent city

Just like the majority of the major cities in the UK, Kent city has numerous local conveyancing solicitors. To figure out the very best solicitor when buying or selling your home, it is crucial that you get yourself familiarized with the well-established and local conveyancers in the region. It is important to consider the following factors and conditions to act as your guideline when you are in need of the services of a conveyancing solicitor.

  • The minimum and maximum conveyancing fees and costs charged in Kent City.
  • The total conveyancing fees for residential from the different solicitors based in Kent.
  • The UK government initiated Help to Buy accredited and certified Kent conveyancers.
  • Compare the different fees chargeable when buying and/or buying and/or re-mortgaging your property.
  • Stand Duty Land Tax (SDLT) should be well known to you. It is calculated for those buying a home worth £125000 and above for those planning to or residing in Wales, England or Northern Ireland.

Well-known local conveyancing solicitors in Kent:

  1. NBM law.
  2. Homeward Legal Dartford.
  3. Englehart’s
  4. Martin Tolhurst Solicitors
  5. Whitehead Monckton Kent Law Firm


Homeward Legal Dartford conveyancing

In Kent County, Homeward Legal offers conveyancing services in Dartford. They have a team of 200 solicitors well specialized in conveyancing industry. SRA regulates us and certified by Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) from the Law Society. The offices are also found throughout Wales and England offering proactive communication and services. We are inclined towards providing fast conveyancing services at low and affordable costs to our buying and/or selling clients as well as investors. Some of their specialist conveyancing solicitor team include:

Sue Steele who has been a solicitor in practice for over 25 years that have given her immense legal knowledge and experience in dealing with property cases.

Bipin Vaghella who as a solicitor has broad experience in laws concerning property and offers personal service to all his clients.

Nigel Tarrant with interest and focus on dealing with leasehold problems, acquisition of foreign property and other complex and complicated conveyancing work.


NBM law

NBM law is a legal firm abbreviated from Nigel Brodhead Mynard conveyancing solicitors and with operations in Kent. Their Kent county base provides fast, quick and quality conveyancing services and the fees charged be small and affordable to most residents. To keep customers updated on their conveyancing matter, they have incorporated interactive communication technology. This includes conveyancing case tracking system, email and telephone numbers with direct dial and mobile apps that can operate in both android and iOS that give you access to our services 24/7.

Their many years in the conveyance industry has given them expertise and experience in dealing with buying and selling properties or even re-mortgaging them. They offer conveyancing services in numerous cities and towns within Kent county.

Englehart solicitors

Englehart solicitors offer entirely all the services required in the conveyancing sector. The following people comprise their dedicated professional team that serves you.

David Englehart who as a firm partner and manager has specialized in commercial property as well as general commercial conveyancing solicitor.

Redmond Nari who as well is a partner and offers personalized services to clients in the areas of residential property and private client solicitor.

Josie Flint who with a vast expertise and experience in residential property conveyancing gives their clients’ service fit to their satisfaction.

Find the right solicitor kent

How to find the right solicitor for the conveyancing in Kent

Kent is one of the most popular places in the United Kingdom. Kent has been one of the best choices for many kinds of properties of the people for a long time. The rate of the properties is a fluctuating business and investors and buyers from different places of United Kingdom come to buy properties in Kent. However, that does not mean that the all the solicitors are the same. There are different qualities of the solicitors that can be compared to find the right solicitor in Kent.

The process of conveyancing to transfer the properties is not different in Kent compared to the rest of the United Kingdom. However, the conveyancing process may become complicated to the buyer depending on the circumstances. The prime reasons for that are the uncertainties and complexities that the conveyancing process might bring.  There are solicitors in Kent who are not up to the mark for the entire process of conveyancing. It can lead to many troubles and stress, so it is ideal to find the right solicitor before starting the conveyancing process.

Extensive experience in Kent area

The first thing is the experience. A solicitor with more experience is preferable for the conveyancing process. The experience helps the solicitor to get more exposure into the legal process of the conveyancing, and thus it can be very helpful for the buyer. However, one thing must is verified that the experience of the solicitor is relevant to the case. The first thing that to consider is that the solicitor must have experience handling multiple properties and conveyancing related cases to find the right solicitor. However, further break down can be performed according to your need. If you are going for a leasehold property, then go for a leasehold expert for a better result.

Certifications, Accreditation and Reputation

The certifications of the solicitors are something verifying the knowledge on the subject. A solicitor must be certified and qualified enough to carry out the process of conveyancing. The reputation of the solicitor or the conveyancer should be well known among the community. A successful solicitor should have a good reputation, and that results from the feedback of the people who have worked with them.


The prices for conveyancing is mostly considered the defining variable for many people. However, prices are not always the depiction of quality. To find the right solicitor in Kent, the price has a vital role, but other details are equally important. The cost should be considered to compare the solicitors only when the rest of the parameters are at par. One must compromise with the quality of the solicitor for conveyancing for a reduction in price.

Solicitors in Kent


This is one of the successful law firms that have qualified solicitors to take care of the conveyancing. The prices are reasonable and the solicitors are well experienced in conveyancing and property law to help get you through the conveyancing successfully

Warner’s Solicitors

This law firm has also built the reputation of quality solicitors for the conveyancing process. The comprehensive services and the features can be helpful for the people seeking for the Conveyancing Process.

Boy & Maughan

Boy & Maughan is one of the successful conveyancing law firms in the Kent area of the United Kingdom. There are dedicated solicitors available for the conveyancing process.

One must not blindly follow any solicitor or the law firms to find the right solicitor in Kent. The parameters must be verified to select the best one in Kent.

solicitors in Kent

Best Solicitors in Kent for Conveyancing

Conveyancing has always been one of the most critical and important subjects in the United Kingdom. Many legal processes and steps need to be taken care of during the conveyancing or the transfer of property process from the seller to the buyer in Kent. Even though the ultimate goal of the process is to change the documents from the name of the seller to the purchaser but different stages are handled by solicitors. The Solicitors in Kent are eligible, efficient and obviously very much professional in nature. These solicitors bring various methods to bring down the cost of the conveyancing. Kent is one of the most popular areas in the United Kingdom, and the conveyancing is pretty much straightforward there.

Different schemes and methods are available for the buyers that can be real beneficial for the conveyancing cost.

Fixed Price conveyancing for solicitors in Kent

Fixed Price Conveyancing is one of the most common and very useful as well. Under this scheme or process, the entire conveyancing process will be carried out at a pre-determined price by the solicitors. This is one of the best types of the deal when it comes to the conveyancing process. Many solicitors in Kent are providing the facility for the buyers and the sellers. The prime advantage of the fixed price conveyancing is that you can be confident of the price during the entire conveyancing process, and the solicitor will take care of the situation. The fixed price conveyancing includes the search and disbursement fees for the conveyancing as well.

Hourly Conveyancing

This is the typical conveyancing process for the solicitors in Kent. The charge for the solicitors can depend on the hours spent on the process, and the buyer or the seller has to pay the amount for the hours billed. This guarantees the payment only for the time dedicated to the conveyancing process, so the buyer and seller do not need to pay the extra amount. However, the hourly conveyancing process may go horribly wrong if the conveyancing process runs into legal complications. The hours billed can be huge in that case, and the conveyancing cost may shoot up.

Expertise of Solicitors

If you are going for a solicitor in Kent, you must consider the expertise as well. The experience and the exposure to various conveyancing processes can make things better for the buyer and seller. It also helps the customer to feel secured for the conveyancing process.

Which Solicitors to go for in Kent

Many solicitors in Kent can are available for the conveyancing process. However, it is always better to search for the local solicitors who can be extremely helpful for the property transfers. The solicitors’ charges must be a variable to consider while selecting the solicitors. Kent is one of the growing areas in the United Kingdom and considered as one of the best areas for buying Freehold and Leasehold properties.


Conveyancing Law Firms Kent

Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent

Located in the South Eastern part of England, Kent is one of England’s leading ports. With a population of just over 1.4 million as per the 2014 census. The county is the second most populous in the South East region. Known as “The Garden of England,” Kent is blessed with an abundance of fruit and hop gardens. The county is diversified both economically and demographically with a relatively large black and Asian population. Its proximity to France also makes it a hotspot as a port for those traveling from England to France via the sea. Moving to Kent can change the world for some, Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent are on the rise and there’s a lot of competition to choose from.

With a vibrant economy and a large population, Kent’s real estate is very competitive. As a result, there are several law firms in Kent dealing in real estate in the county.

Well Known Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent

The most common ones are independent property Lawyers Ltd located in Ashford, Kent; V.E White & Solicitors, Orchid law also located in Ashford, Bull & Bull Conveyancing located in Canterbury. NBM Law, Keogh Caisley, Frederic Hall, Andrew Lee & Co are also major firms found within Kent. It is up to an individual to choose the best company to handle the legalities of the transaction for you. Price wise NBM Law is known to offer the best services with a low cost conveyancing budget.

Now in the real estate field, it is important to know exactly who does what. Many people fail to differentiate between a solicitor and a conveyancer. The two offer the same services as they both deal with the legalities of the transaction i.e. transferring the titles from the seller to the buyer. Their differences come with their education, their experience in the field and the bodies that govern or regulate them.

Conveyancing Solicitor Vs Licensed Conveyancers

A solicitor spends more time with in-depth learning of the Law than licensed conveyancers. He/she is at first a lawyer with at least 3 to 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree in law. They then go to law school to qualify as full-fledged lawyers, and it is during this time that they choose to specialize in real estate. After their stint in law school, solicitors will join a firm to start their practice. Such law firms in Kent are like the ones stated above; they are an assortment of lawyers each with their specialization pooling their resources together regarding expertise to provide legal services to their various clients.

Conveyancers, on the other hand, do not have to go to law school or earn a bachelor’s degree. They obtain their training through experience in conveyancing law firms for the field and earn their certification after being tested in examinations. A conveyancer, however, is not to be taken as a novice. Their many years of experience in the field gives them an edge over solicitors. Indeed many people in the UK do prefer legal conveyancers over solicitors. Conveyancers also offer their services through firms where some conveyancers gather their resources and expertise to provide conveyancing services to their clients.

Solicitor conveyancing Kent

Benefits of solicitor conveyancing in Kent

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. From getting the house prepared for sale, putting it on the market, finding a buyer or a seller and finally settling the deal. The process is a long one and for most of us, we need help especially with the paperwork. When it comes to the UK, and Kent to be specific, you will need the services of a legal professional more than ever. The legal requirements within the county is more than overwhelming even for professionals. With the help of solicitor conveyancing can be as convenient as it can be.

For sellers, a realtor will put the property on the market for you and try to find the best deal for you. For buyers, the realtor will try to find the best possible deal for you on the market listing. With all of these, however, you will need the services of a legal expert to take care of all the legalities about the buying or selling of real estate.

Conveyancing Professional Options

Now when it comes to handling legal matters in real estate, there are usually two options. You can choose to use either a conveyancing solicitor or just a licensed conveyancer. Unfortunately, many people do not even know the first thing about either of them let alone their difference.

To state their difference, we must appreciate that both are professionals dealing with the legalities involved in buying or selling a home. This is the transfer of the legal title of the home from the buyer to the seller (it is much more complicated than it sounds).  Their main difference comes first by the bodies that regulate them. Licensed Conveyancers are governed by the CLC (Council of Licensed Conveyancers) while solicitors are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

More substantial differences are however in their training, conveyancing fees and so on. When it comes to training, a solicitor receives much more training than a conveyancer. A solicitor is first, a fully trained lawyer with a 3 to a 4-year law degree. And then a two-year legal practice Course finishing with ‘Training Contract’ with a Solicitors practice for two years. A conveyancer, on the other hand, tends to be a self-taught legal practitioner only sitting exams for approval by the CLC. Solicitor conveyancing. therefore, offers a much wider legal knowledge and can deal with some issues, a conveyancer is restricted only to real estate law.

Benefits of solicitor conveyancing

A solicitor working in a firm with other solicitors has contact with solicitors specializing in other areas of law. They thus are in a better position to handle complicated cases that may require much more than the basic real estate knowledge like family law, litigation, wills, and more.

Conveyancers can represent both sides of a transaction. They are allowed to represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. This naturally can present a conflict of interest for both parties. A solicitor however due to his/her legal experience often only represents the interest of either the buyer or seller and is thus at a better position of negotiating a good deal on behalf of his client.

Solicitor conveyancing is more often than not the best choice in real estate transactions.

conveyancing process kent

Conveyancing process length for Kent County

Conveyancing process length for Kent county located north-west of London can take up to ten weeks to be complete. We want to make sure you understand a little more about the conveyancing business in Kent, with the purpose of helping you out with your buying or selling decision. Moreover, we will talk about the preparation process that takes place from exchanging contracts to the completion of the process and finally being able to get to your new home.

As previously mentioned, on average the conveyancing process length should take from six to ten weeks until its completion depending the complexities. It takes two to three weeks of researches and enquiries before the exchanging contract process phase begins. However, the whole process could be done in only a few days. For that to happen you must not have any mortgage in place, and you would need to be buying an empty house.

Conveyancing process Preparation

  • Buyer

The chosen conveyancer will do some legal searches about the property to make sure there are nothing you should be aware of. There will be local authority searches, which usually takes one to two weeks, also checking the register and title Plan at Land Registry. Flood risk checking can also go ahead at the Land Registry; the advised is the environmental search, for it is a complete verification. Water authority and Chancel repair searches are also mandatory.

  • Seller

The conveyancer will help you to fill out questionnaires about the property. Such as the (TA 6) which includes information on boundaries, any dispute, sewerage, council taxes and others. The (TA 10) is necessary for any fixtures you would like to include with the property. More technical, the (TA 13) includes finalisation details to ensure the house is free of mortgages and liability claims. Moreover, your conveyancer draughts a contract based on those questionnaires.

Negotiation Stage

While negotiating the contract, both parties should agree on the date of completion. It usually takes seven to twenty-eight days after exchanging the contracts; what else consists in the sale price, and how much each party pays for fixtures and fitting. Moreover, the buyer must do a survey conducted on your property, so that anything major that pops up should be negotiated, whether asking the seller to fix it or deducing it on the sales price.

Exchanging Contracts

Once the contracts have exchanged, seller and buyer will be in a legally binding contract to buy/sell the property, having a fixed move-in date, which means the seller cannot accept any other offer on the property. Under the penalty of being sued if the sale does not go through.

The buyer makes a deposit of 10% of the purchasing price. Assuming that the purchaser decides not to go through with the process, the seller keeps the 10%. If the contract falls through for any irregularity done by the seller, the buyer gets the full deposit back, plus interest that might have accrued on the reservoir.

Completion Day

Seller needs to hand over the keys, usually at the estate agent, after confirming the money has been received. The conveyancer and/or solicitor will receive the balance of the sale and all the legal documentation proving ownership will be hand over. The buyer will have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax, and will only receive the legal documents about twenty days after the solicitor has sent them to the Land Registry.

That is the whole process involving conveyancing in the county of Kent.  Some well-known firms that could help you out with the conveyancing are Homeward Legal, NBM Law, and The Conveyancing Network.