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Role of a licensed conveyancer

A licensed conveyancer according to the CLC (Council of Licensed Conveyancers) is “a specialist property lawyer qualified in all aspects of property law in England and Wales. A licensed conveyancer is also a Commissioner of Oaths and an increasing number are also licensed to offer probate services.” They in simple terms deal with the legal side of a real estate transaction. It is important to note that while a real estate agent does the actual transaction by looking for a seller or a buyer for your property they are not responsible for the legalities. As a buyer or a seller, it is up to you to choose the best conveyancer to handle such matters for you. The legal side is what makes the transaction official and any mistake done in the process can be detrimental to the success of the project.

Also noteworthy is the fact that there are thousands of conveyancers in the UK, but not all of them are licensed conveyancers. A licensed conveyancer has to receive accreditation from the CLC (Council of Licensed Conveyancers). He/she will have gone through a series of rigorous examinations which they are expected to pass highly so as to qualify for a license to operate. Their actions are solely focused on property transaction.

Although they do a number of examinations, a licensed conveyancer is usually judged based on their experience in the field. For one to be fully accredited, for instance, you need to have worked at least one year in the field and another year under supervision.

Licensed Conveyancer and Solicitors

Due to their similarity in the services they provide many people find it hard and sometimes unnecessary to differentiate between a licensed conveyancer and solicitor. A solicitor is first a lawyer who studies and trains in a variety of fields; these include family law, litigation and so on. They explore these areas extensively and also go through a series of rigorous examinations. The main difference with a licensed conveyancer is that they can offer services on a variety of legal work while a conveyancer solely focusses on real estate transactions.

Solicitors are therefore best suited to deal with complicated cases that require one to have a knowledge of a myriad of legal concepts. The largest legal firms in the UK have solicitors who offer conveyancing services for their clients. However much the advantage, many people still prefer the services of a local conveyancer over a solicitor since as it has consistently proven, experience trumps textbook knowledge.

Quick conveyance kent

Things to consider for Quick conveyance in Kent

Kent is one of the most popular places in the United Kingdom for the properties. There are ranges of properties available in Kent ranging from new to old; freehold to leasehold. There are many people willing to buy the properties as well. People also seek for quick conveyance option to ensure that the ownership transfer completes as soon as possible. However, it is not always very easy to get access to the quick conveyancing. However, that does not rule out the possibilities of it as well. Few things need to be understood, consider and implement.

Things to consider for quick conveyance

There are few things that one must know. Quick conveyancing does not mean skipping the process or sidelining the legal responsibilities of the transfer of the house. A person must be smart enough and should be well prepared to cut down the time of the conveyancing process.


It depends on the solicitor by a considerable amount. One must select an experienced solicitor and an expert one as well. It is great to share the details of the properties to the solicitor at an early stage. After the study of the properties and checking the legal situations of the home, someone is buying; if the solicitor agrees for a time bound conveyancing case, then it is best for the buyer. Quick Conveyancing is nothing but dealing the legal aspects of the transfer efficiently and an experienced solicitor with the extensive professional network may help to facilitate that.


The first thing that you must do is to get a proper idea about the house you are buying. You can always hire an architecture expert or a legal expert to understand the plan of the house along with the legal feasibilities. Many properties have issues with planning and other things, and it runs into legal complications. In such scenarios the buyers need to wait for the verdict and one must not take the risk. Visit of a professional team on the property is a great factor for the quick conveyance.

Search and Disbursement

Conveyancing has different parts, but the searching the local authorities, and the disbursement are the significant hurdles. However, one must pay for the search fees and disbursement fees as early as possible to avoid unnecessary time consumption.

Finance and Mortgage

The finance and mortgage for the property take much time for the conveyance process. The best tip for the quick conveyance is to arrange the finances before the process starts. The majority of the people get delayed for the mortgage amount for the property. One must hold talks with the financial institutions or the lenders to make the process as fast as possible. Handling the conveyancing swiftly and efficiently is all about managing things correctly and on time. However, most of the people fail to do that in Kent and other parts of the United Kingdom. However, these simple tips can make lots of difference in the time taken for conveyancing.


Conveyancing Law Firms Kent

Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent

Located in the South Eastern part of England, Kent is one of England’s leading ports. With a population of just over 1.4 million as per the 2014 census. The county is the second most populous in the South East region. Known as “The Garden of England,” Kent is blessed with an abundance of fruit and hop gardens. The county is diversified both economically and demographically with a relatively large black and Asian population. Its proximity to France also makes it a hotspot as a port for those traveling from England to France via the sea. Moving to Kent can change the world for some, Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent are on the rise and there’s a lot of competition to choose from.

With a vibrant economy and a large population, Kent’s real estate is very competitive. As a result, there are several law firms in Kent dealing in real estate in the county.

Well Known Conveyancing Law Firms in Kent

The most common ones are independent property Lawyers Ltd located in Ashford, Kent; V.E White & Solicitors, Orchid law also located in Ashford, Bull & Bull Conveyancing located in Canterbury. NBM Law, Keogh Caisley, Frederic Hall, Andrew Lee & Co are also major firms found within Kent. It is up to an individual to choose the best company to handle the legalities of the transaction for you. Price wise NBM Law is known to offer the best services with a low cost conveyancing budget.

Now in the real estate field, it is important to know exactly who does what. Many people fail to differentiate between a solicitor and a conveyancer. The two offer the same services as they both deal with the legalities of the transaction i.e. transferring the titles from the seller to the buyer. Their differences come with their education, their experience in the field and the bodies that govern or regulate them.

Conveyancing Solicitor Vs Licensed Conveyancers

A solicitor spends more time with in-depth learning of the Law than licensed conveyancers. He/she is at first a lawyer with at least 3 to 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree in law. They then go to law school to qualify as full-fledged lawyers, and it is during this time that they choose to specialize in real estate. After their stint in law school, solicitors will join a firm to start their practice. Such law firms in Kent are like the ones stated above; they are an assortment of lawyers each with their specialization pooling their resources together regarding expertise to provide legal services to their various clients.

Conveyancers, on the other hand, do not have to go to law school or earn a bachelor’s degree. They obtain their training through experience in conveyancing law firms for the field and earn their certification after being tested in examinations. A conveyancer, however, is not to be taken as a novice. Their many years of experience in the field gives them an edge over solicitors. Indeed many people in the UK do prefer legal conveyancers over solicitors. Conveyancers also offer their services through firms where some conveyancers gather their resources and expertise to provide conveyancing services to their clients.

Solicitor conveyancing Kent

Benefits of solicitor conveyancing in Kent

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. From getting the house prepared for sale, putting it on the market, finding a buyer or a seller and finally settling the deal. The process is a long one and for most of us, we need help especially with the paperwork. When it comes to the UK, and Kent to be specific, you will need the services of a legal professional more than ever. The legal requirements within the county is more than overwhelming even for professionals. With the help of solicitor conveyancing can be as convenient as it can be.

For sellers, a realtor will put the property on the market for you and try to find the best deal for you. For buyers, the realtor will try to find the best possible deal for you on the market listing. With all of these, however, you will need the services of a legal expert to take care of all the legalities about the buying or selling of real estate.

Conveyancing Professional Options

Now when it comes to handling legal matters in real estate, there are usually two options. You can choose to use either a conveyancing solicitor or just a licensed conveyancer. Unfortunately, many people do not even know the first thing about either of them let alone their difference.

To state their difference, we must appreciate that both are professionals dealing with the legalities involved in buying or selling a home. This is the transfer of the legal title of the home from the buyer to the seller (it is much more complicated than it sounds).  Their main difference comes first by the bodies that regulate them. Licensed Conveyancers are governed by the CLC (Council of Licensed Conveyancers) while solicitors are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

More substantial differences are however in their training, conveyancing fees and so on. When it comes to training, a solicitor receives much more training than a conveyancer. A solicitor is first, a fully trained lawyer with a 3 to a 4-year law degree. And then a two-year legal practice Course finishing with ‘Training Contract’ with a Solicitors practice for two years. A conveyancer, on the other hand, tends to be a self-taught legal practitioner only sitting exams for approval by the CLC. Solicitor conveyancing. therefore, offers a much wider legal knowledge and can deal with some issues, a conveyancer is restricted only to real estate law.

Benefits of solicitor conveyancing

A solicitor working in a firm with other solicitors has contact with solicitors specializing in other areas of law. They thus are in a better position to handle complicated cases that may require much more than the basic real estate knowledge like family law, litigation, wills, and more.

Conveyancers can represent both sides of a transaction. They are allowed to represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. This naturally can present a conflict of interest for both parties. A solicitor however due to his/her legal experience often only represents the interest of either the buyer or seller and is thus at a better position of negotiating a good deal on behalf of his client.

Solicitor conveyancing is more often than not the best choice in real estate transactions.

how much does it cost to sell a house

How much does it cost to sell a house in Kent?

As an owner of a house in Kent, one must first make up their mind to sell it. However, the seller often gets confused with a selling price of the home. It is often misunderstood as the purchase price of the owner. However, neither the purchase price is the cost of buying a home and nor the selling price of the house for the seller. There is the chain of actions and things that are to be addressed. These are important to understanding how much does it cost to sell a house in Kent? These are mandatory, common, legal and sometimes required for the selling as well.

How much does it cost to sell a house in Kent?

The entire cost of selling is the addition of all the associated charges of selling the house along with the sale price.

Repair Cost

As you decide to sell the house to the buyer, you must consider restoring the property to make it up to date. The replacement cost is considered as the investment to increase the selling price as well. If you have a house that has not been improved for long, then either the purchaser will not be attracted, or the sale price will be very less.

Estate Agent

It always depends on the seller to go with an estate agent or not. However, it is tough in modern days to sell a property without an agent. There are few things that you need to understand about the real estate agents. These agencies charge a service fee or commission for finding the buyer, and that includes the selling cost as well.

Conveyancing Fees

This is one of the most important parts of the entire process of selling the home. One must select a solicitor as well to go through the whole process and also take the up legal proceedings of the transferring the property to the buyer. The solicitor fee and the conveyancing fees must be included in the entire cost.

The conveyancing tasks related to selling are less but still must be taken care properly. Mistakes can lead to transaction failures and will add more costs needed for selling it elsewhere.

Moving Out costs

Once the deal has is settled, and the amount has changed hands correctly, the entire conveyance process is complete. The seller has to move out from the property and make it inhabitable for the buyer. The moving out cost may not be huge, but that is something you will incur while selling a house as well.

So, whenever the question comes to the mind that how much it takes to sell a house in Kent, one must consider all the costs. The prime reason behind it is that the seller does not get a refund on most of the fees he is going to encounter. So the sale price has to accommodate your expenses. However, the seller needs to pay off the mortgage and then something should be marked as profit as well.

These costs are what you will encounter in selling the house without the actual sale price for the buyer. These are important to note in Kent because the cost of selling a house may fluctuate. Once you have estimated the price for the selling of the house, then you are ready to go through the entire process step by step.

Kent Home Conveyancing Quotes

Tips For The Best Kent Home Conveyancing Quotes

Kent home conveyancing quotes can be easily obtained from various sources. The most important thing is to filter out the best conveyancing solicitor that fits your budget and time constraints. If you are thinking of buying yourself some property or if you are planning to a get a new house for yourself then you should make sure that the property conveyancing is performed in the right way. The thing that you should keep in mind is that the conveyancing quotes in Kent can vary in different aspects. So you have to be careful from deceptive conveyancing quotes.


Things to keep in mind to get fair conveyancing quotes

So it is crucial that you compare the conveyancing fees spent in this process before making any payments. There are many online websites that help you to compare conveyancing quotes with just a push of the button. The solicitors that you will find on these sites will have genuine reviews, and they would have experienced from the actual customers. In some websites, the solicitors are required to sign legal agreements to ensure that the quotes that they charge are all inclusive without any hidden charges. In short this means that the price that you quote will be the price that you will have to pay. An efficient and genuine service is the one that follows the below-mentioned features

  • The solicitors should be qualified and experienced
  • There should be no hidden charges
  • They should not ask for any move or any legal fee
  • The solicitors should have genuine customer feedback

With all the charges, there is an indemnity fees as well. The conveyancer sometimes may state that in the case of any unforeseen problems, these problems will be dealt only by paying an extra charge. However, most of the conveyancers ask for charges of the land registry in advance. The conveyancing case that one has to deal in the case of residential property is not as complicated as the commercial conveyancing and most of the times calculated on a fixed amount. There are some other factors too on which the conveyancing fees depend upon, for example, the fees depend on whether the property is freehold or leasehold. Leasehold properties cost more.

Get multiple Kent home conveyancing quotes

The fees that will be incurred in conveyancing depend on various types of factors and most importantly, it depends on upon the amount of work to be performed. If it is your first consultation with your solicitor, then it is necessary that you should ask for a complete breakdown of the fees and the tasks that need to be taken care of. It is advised to take at least five quotes from various conveyancing firms. The quotes are free, and you are not obliged to choose them just by requesting a quote. The expenses that you will have to pay are divided into two parts: the conveyancing service fees and legal costs.

The basic service costs vary

The legal cost is associated with the conveyances, and it primarily depends upon the amount of time and tasks that these conveyances would take to go through all your legal documents and to attend the whole conveyancing process. However the charges vary from conveyancers to conveyancers, some charge according to the hours spent, a small percent or a fixed fees.

A good practice is to compare Kent home conveyancing quotes side by side with the listed tasks, items and their prices. Transparent quotes will have more thorough listings and will not hide fees. Also it’s vital that you consider talking with a few representatives directly to verify their costs.

conveyancing ashford kent

Tips For Smooth Conveyancing Ashford Kent

Ashford is a beautiful town located in the county of Kent, England. It is around 61 miles of a drive from southeast of the central London. According to the census done in 2011, the town’s population was recorded 74,204. Ashford has a lot of good conveyancers, but you have to do your research to make sure you choose the right one. After all, the conveyancing Ashford Kent will proceed smoothly only if you appoint the best conveyancer. Below are a few tips to ensure the process gets completed smoothly.

The benefit of a qualified specialist

This is why it is often a good idea to hire a specialist to guide you through your conveyancing. To some people, this is a waste of money – but unless you are a knowledgeable person on real estate, you are going to need someone to advise you throughout the whole process. Sure, you are going to have to pay a bit more for the whole ordeal, but it is going to be worth your money for the ease and convenience in the end.

Huge Paperwork

When you are selling real estate, there’s often much paperwork to go through, and most of it is not always straightforward. You have to be careful to ensure that you are complying with all relevant laws and regulations. Also making sure you are not missing any recent changes and important details in all the information you are being presented with. One of the most common problems that arise in the process of a property sale is that one party did not familiarize themselves with the conditions properly, and this often causes huge arguments.

Conveyancers take the burden off of you

Because, when you are working with a good conveyancing expert, they can quickly help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that people encounter in real estate sales. You are not going to have to worry about missing any important details in the paperwork you are filling out. You’ll be able to concentrate more on the actual sale. This is more important than you might think as some people end up paying too much attention to the details in the paperwork, afraid to miss anything important there, only to miss some significant bit of communication with the other party in the deal.

Hire a specialist before it is too late

When you are planning to hire an expert for your conveyancing Ashford Kent sale, though, you should try to do this as early as possible. It is not very easy to guarantee that you’ll be able to hire the one you want if you do it too late in the deal. If you are about to close the transaction, and you need someone to go over the paperwork in the last minute, not every conveyancing specialist on the market would be willing to work with you.

Moreover, then there’s the problem of making sure that the expert you are hiring is worth their money. However, thankfully, that is not very difficult with the help of the Internet. There are lots of resources online that can show you all you need to know about the conveyancing specialists in your local area. Use them smartly, and before you know it, you’ll already be in negotiations with someone.

Final piece of advice

For conveyancing Ashford Kent, just make sure that you pay attention to auxiliary information as well. Do not just rely the website of the conveyancing specialist themselves. This means to look at reviews and similar bits of customer opinions and experiences, as they tend to be most indicative of what you can expect. If you do this right, you will not have to worry about the quality of work that you’ll get. Moreover, you’ll know that your property sale will be completed exactly according to all legal requirements, without any potential mishaps causing a slowdown, or even worse, causing the entire deal to fall through.

Kent Conveyancing Services

Kent Conveyancing Services

Kent County in England is one of the most populated residential areas in the country and naturally, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of Kent conveyancing services around here. With the housing marketing projected to boom by at least 5% between 2015 – 2020, people here will regularly buy and sell their houses. Kent has a substantially large land area of 3,736 km2 and a population of roughly 1.7 million people and is expected to increase soon with the “Brexit” looming and more foreigners want to work and live in the UK. More potential buyers mean more conveyancing transactions and better property market outcomes!

Different Kinds of Kent Conveyancing Services

The fact that there are a lot of Kent conveyancing services shows how the real estate industry in this county is booming! To be quite clear on this, the majority of UK is experiencing these economic dynamics, so it is not surprising to see conveyancing services ready to offer you help anytime you reach out to them. Some of them offer hassle-free 10 seconds quote for users going to their websites while others offer a percent off of the total cost of the house you wish to purchase! Moreover, these firms have been around the industry for quite some time now. Thus, they also offer you affordable solicitor services who are experts in their fields.

Applicable Fees

The above mentioned was not intended to sugarcoat what Kent conveyancing services charge their clients, but their fees are fair that customers appreciate it enough to hire their services for their conveyancing needs. Due to the complex nature of conveyancing anyone who wants to purchase a real estate property in Ken, London or greater UK will need conveyancing firms and solicitors. Here is an example of the conveyancing *fees:


• Regular transaction £449
• Bank transfers £30
• For acting for your mortgage lender £100
• Completing Stamp Duty Forms £75
• VAT(20%) £130.80

Other Costs and Disbursements

• Stamp Duty
• Land Registry £80-200 (depending on price of the property)
• Local Search £85 (Kent)
• Priority Search £4
• Land Charges £4

*excerpts from

Basically, all your conveyancing charges should not exceed £600, and if the conveyancing service you hired asks for more money, or they have hidden fees, then you should cut off all transactions with them immediately. That is clearly excessive and rarely not worth trying them out just because they have the highest quote.

Why Kent County?

Considered as one of the most beautiful spots in the United Kingdom, Kent is home to almost 2 million residents – all of whom have spacious and beautiful real estate properties. The endless flatlands of the British Isles makes it ideal to live in as locals would say “they could run through the meadows forever.” Here beauty is unobstructed before your eyes and that is a rare thing, plus you get all the benefits of pleasant cold weather, warm people, scenic views like the White Cliffs of Dover, dozens of medieval castles and other ancient Celtic sites; Kent is an enthralling county! So if you are thinking about getting a real estate property in the UK, then it is best to get a quote and contact Kent conveyancing services right away.

conveyancing fees in kent

Tips to get a Solicitor with cheap conveyancing fees In Kent

Traditionally a process carried out by law firms on the high street; conveyancing is now regularly offered as an online service. Often an expensive addition to buying, selling or re-mortgaging, it is required for legal transfer of the ownership from a seller to a buyer. The rise of The Internet and online services has led to lower prices and better value for money for many services. With this article, we are going to give you some tips to get a solicitor with cheap conveyancing fees in Kent.

Conveyancing is a legal obligation that has to be undertaken when moving home. Solicitors and Licensed conveyancers are employed to carry out searches, draw up contracts and confirm the legal exchange of property between parties.

There have been various benefits to consumers from using online, cost-effective conveyancing services. Most importantly, this type of service offers prospective buyers and sellers better value for money in a tough economic status where moving home can be a very expensive process.

Furthermore, many conveyancers have been able to offer customers features such as online case tracking which enables them to access their case 24/7, reducing stress and keeping them up to date with the process of their transaction. According to, the average conveyancing case can take between 8-12 weeks; many low-cost conveyancers can offer quicker completion rates with a high percentage of cases finalised in less than ten weeks, reducing the risk of gazumping and leaving buyers and sellers in a position to move as quickly as possible. As well as being more cost-effective for both parties, the instant nature of online correspondence has also helped reduce the length of conveyancing transactions.

As part of a cheap conveyancing solution, many conveyancers offer a no move no fee guarantee. This reduces the pressure on consumers and can save them much money if their move falls through for any reason. There are certain risks associated with cheap conveyancing that consumers should consider when searching for representation. Some low-cost online conveyancers are unregistered and can, therefore, be unreliable. When searching for property solicitors or conveyancers, consumers are advised to look for CQS (Conveying Quality Scheme) status, or membership in The Conveyancing Association or The Society of Licensed Conveyancers.

It seems that online conveyancing has helped to reduce overall prices, benefitting the consumer. However, it is advised that prospective buyers and sellers exercise caution when searching for a cheap conveyancing solution and find the right option to meet their needs.

Cheap solicitor for house purchase Kent

Cheap solicitor for house purchase Kent area

Buying your home for the first time is ultimately everyone’s dream. And it involves a lot of investment for an average earner. This thought makes it a lot more personal and risky. If someone isn’t careful enough during the conveyancing process, the buyer would have to settle for improper or damaged home. One of the reasons that people use solicitors is to make sure that such case doesn’t appear to them. Kent is a great place to move, and you can find a cheap solicitor for house purchase Kent area fairly easily.

Ever purchase or sale of the property should go through conveyancing to make the transfer legally binding. Your search for a cheap solicitor for house purchase should start online with online conveyancing quote comparison sites. The widely popular site called “Reallymoving” has many top quality conveyancing firms that offer their quotes through these sites.

You enter your details or the location and price of the property you’re interested. Then the site filter outs the conveyancing solicitor firms that are available in that area and will send you a quote based on the few details you sent. While the service is straight forward, they can often limit their requests to only a few top firms. Which means you are going to have to go through multiple of these sites to get a better look at the cheap solicitor rates for conveyancing house purchase in Kent.

The average price of conveyancing in Ken is around £400 which means you have to expect a minimum of £300 for conveyancing. The rate also varies from borough to borough and also depends on the complexity of the purchase.

Things that add costs to conveyancing during a purchase are:

Ownership of the property:

Leasehold property has a higher conveyancing rate than freehold property. And multiple owners of the property also adds to the complexity.

Obtaining a mortgage

If you are obtaining a mortgage to pay for the purchase of the house, the solicitor has to deal with the lenders and finalize their work before they lend you money. The added task affects the solicitors fees.

We recommend that you collect quotes from reputable, and Law Society’s accredited conveyancing firms then compare their prices and service quality. You might want to try a new conveyancing firm because of the cheap solicitor fees, but you might end up risking your money and the case to inexperienced conveyancing solicitors.

After consolidating your quotes from the trustworthy firms in Kent, contact them and have a detailed conversation about the case, the tasks to be performed and their fees. Make sure to list them down so you can compare them with each other. You will also want to go for fixed price conveyancing as some firms resort to adding up costs during conveyancing which were probably hiding on their initial quote. Deciding to choose a fixed priced fee will save you a lot of stress.

Lastly, check the reviews of the firms both online and offline if you can. These reviews make it easy to confirm their quality of service is as good as they say. Past customer experience says a lot about the quality of service, and you need to choose the right solicitor, not just a cheap solicitor.