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Conveyancing process length for Kent County

Conveyancing process length for Kent county located north-west of London can take up to ten weeks to be complete. We want to make sure you understand a little more about the conveyancing business in Kent, with the purpose of helping you out with your buying or selling decision. Moreover, we will talk about the preparation process that takes place from exchanging contracts to the completion of the process and finally being able to get to your new home.

As previously mentioned, on average the conveyancing process length should take from six to ten weeks until its completion depending the complexities. It takes two to three weeks of researches and enquiries before the exchanging contract process phase begins. However, the whole process could be done in only a few days. For that to happen you must not have any mortgage in place, and you would need to be buying an empty house.

Conveyancing process Preparation

  • Buyer

The chosen conveyancer will do some legal searches about the property to make sure there are nothing you should be aware of. There will be local authority searches, which usually takes one to two weeks, also checking the register and title Plan at Land Registry. Flood risk checking can also go ahead at the Land Registry; the advised is the environmental search, for it is a complete verification. Water authority and Chancel repair searches are also mandatory.

  • Seller

The conveyancer will help you to fill out questionnaires about the property. Such as the (TA 6) which includes information on boundaries, any dispute, sewerage, council taxes and others. The (TA 10) is necessary for any fixtures you would like to include with the property. More technical, the (TA 13) includes finalisation details to ensure the house is free of mortgages and liability claims. Moreover, your conveyancer draughts a contract based on those questionnaires.

Negotiation Stage

While negotiating the contract, both parties should agree on the date of completion. It usually takes seven to twenty-eight days after exchanging the contracts; what else consists in the sale price, and how much each party pays for fixtures and fitting. Moreover, the buyer must do a survey conducted on your property, so that anything major that pops up should be negotiated, whether asking the seller to fix it or deducing it on the sales price.

Exchanging Contracts

Once the contracts have exchanged, seller and buyer will be in a legally binding contract to buy/sell the property, having a fixed move-in date, which means the seller cannot accept any other offer on the property. Under the penalty of being sued if the sale does not go through.

The buyer makes a deposit of 10% of the purchasing price. Assuming that the purchaser decides not to go through with the process, the seller keeps the 10%. If the contract falls through for any irregularity done by the seller, the buyer gets the full deposit back, plus interest that might have accrued on the reservoir.

Completion Day

Seller needs to hand over the keys, usually at the estate agent, after confirming the money has been received. The conveyancer and/or solicitor will receive the balance of the sale and all the legal documentation proving ownership will be hand over. The buyer will have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax, and will only receive the legal documents about twenty days after the solicitor has sent them to the Land Registry.

That is the whole process involving conveyancing in the county of Kent.  Some well-known firms that could help you out with the conveyancing are Homeward Legal, NBM Law, and The Conveyancing Network.

DIY conveyancing vs choosing property conveyancers Kent

property conveyancers kentIf you a property in your list in the Kent County of UK, you have the opportunity to invest in the best property market of the UK. You should buy the home that you have in your list of properties because there is no better county than Kent right now in the UK. Kent also known as “The Garden of England”, which the county has defended for about 400 years, recently lost to the North York, but the County still has an abundance of green lands and countryside areas. Countryside areas are the best for the people who love calm and healthy lifestyle. Whether you love DIY conveyancing or need expert advice, you should buy your next home in the Kent County of the UK.

Choosing a property conveyancing versus DIY conveyancing

The decision of hiring a property conveyancer has its own advantages, but there is no shame in doing it by yourself. In this article, I will share with you the different aspect of DIY conveyancing; the advantages and disadvantages of buying homes on your own. In addition, you will also learn the pros and cons of buying homes with the help of a conveyancer.

DIY conveyancing

People love to take matter into their own hand, which is a good thing, but when it comes to buying homes on your own, careful steps should be taken. If you have the confidence and belief in your own doing thing and if you have the basic knowledge of property law in the UK, you can proceed to home buying deals in the best neighbourhood areas of the Kent County. As you proceed to home buying on your own, you should know the following things from the very start that you can read in the next heading.

Pros and Cons of DIY conveyancing

There are many benefits of DIY conveyancing and also some drawbacks. The obvious advantage of DIY conveyancing is the cost of conveyancing will go down. Next headings will give you the details of the advantages and disadvantages of DIY conveyancing.

Benefits of DIY conveyancing

First thing is that people will not be paying to any conveyancer. Buyers have no need to pay the solicitors, basic fee and Value added fee for his/her service, as they have taken the job on their own hands. Secondly, it will give buyers confidence and self believe, and success will give the buyers knowledge and experience of buying homes in the best areas of Kent County. It will sure cut down a lot of euros that you might have to spend as you would be paying to the solicitor.

Drawbacks of DIY conveyancing

There is no such thing as disadvantages in doing the conveyancing on your own; however, we can discuss the drawbacks on the probability basis. For instance, if the buyer makes a mistake during the stages of the home buying transaction, seller might take this as a good opportunity to maximize his/her advantage. You will end up paying more money for home buying that you wouldn’t be paying if you have an experienced solicitor. Besides, not paying to the solicitor his/her basic fee and VAT, you still have to pay the fee of local searches, survey or valuation fee, SDLT (stamp duty land tax), and registry fee.

Buying Home with the help of Solicitors

Solicitors or property lawyers are experienced in buying people’ homes in the UK. They will lift the burden of conveyancing homes away from your shoulders. With their experience, they can represent you in the best way possible. They have the command in their field so they can better negotiate the price of home buying with the seller or his/her solicitor. Price of home buying might go high, but the service of the solicitor will still give you the benefits that are very much needed for your home buying in the Kent County.

Choosing the best property conveyancers Kent, UK

Finding the best property conveyancer in Kent is not a big deal. There are many great firms working in the county of the Kent. You just have to look at the right place, and you sure will find the best property conveyancer Kent County.

Choosing a conveyancer in Kent is very easy for UK residents

choosing a conveyancer in kentKent real estate market is the most attractive market in the UK. Day by day, each properties see a rise in its overall worth. Soon prices of houses in Kent would increase beyond the range of low income people. If you got the opportunity to buy a property in Kent, then you should move fast before it is too late for your home buying in Kent. The average price of property for Kent £257,034 which in the couple of years back was £213,356. At the very start of the year 2105, the average price of properties in Margate, Kent was £164,786, which was later rose to £204,631, a 24% rise of properties from the start of the year to its very end. Such a rise in property prices has shown people greater interest in buying properties in Kent. Therefore, buy your next home in Kent before someone else steals that deal from you.

Why people recommend choosing a conveyancer in Kent for home buying?

For instance, if there are more buyers of the same home that you want to buy, then you should hire a solicitor or a property lawyer who would represent you in your home buying in Kent. It is a great thing to know that a person who is representing you to the seller is the master in his/her field. An incompetent solicitor would not be able to help you as he/she would have less experience in the field as compared to the solicitor of the send buyer. It will result losing the deal, as the seller would sell the home who offer him or her the best price or deal against the home.

Finding the right solicitor in the Kent County

In the next few headings, you will learn how to find the best solicitors working in the Kent County. Finding a solicitor is an easy thing, especially if you have done this before. Even first time buyers need not to worry about hiring solicitors in the UK. There are many professional property lawyers in the UK who will offer you the best conveyancing services.

Asking for conveyancing quotes

When you approach a solicitor, the first thing solicitor will offer you is the conveyancing quote for buying the house. Conveyancing quote is the price or charge of the solicitor in home buying deals. It comprises of two parts, i.e. disbursements and solicitor basic fee.

  1. Solicitor basic fee
    A fee that you have to pay the solicitor in return for his service of buying the home for you. Value added fees are also the part of the solicitor basic fee that people would be paying without any argument.
  2. Disbursements
    There are different fees such as local search service charges, stamp duty charges, land registry charges, and survey fees.
  3. Fixed Conveyancing Fee
    Before solicitor proceeds with your case fixed conveyancing fee agreement, he/she will offer you a fixed conveyancing quote for buying the home. This will help you know what you will be paying for buying the home in Kent.
  4. No win no pay fee
    Beside fixed conveyancing fee agreements, No win no pay fee agreement are the one in which solicitor will only get paid after winning the deal from the seller. If he/she fails to help the buyer in buying the home, he/she would not be paid.
  5. Hourly Agreements
    Solicitors mostly work on hourly agreements and buyer only be paying to the solicitor against the hours he/she worked on your contract. In case, if solicitor fails to win the deal, a part of the money would be returned to the buyer.

Compare conveyancing quote of different solicitors

After visiting the offices or websites, people can compare conveyancing quote offered by different solicitors working in the Kent. Against their experience in the Kent County, they can hire them. However, people should make sure that the solicitor is a professional in the field of home buying and selling.


Choosing a conveyancer in Kent is a great deal because only experience personal can help you in buying homes in the real estate market of Kent. If you still face difficulty in buying homes Kent County, you can visit our website.

The Cost Involved When Moving House

moving houseWhen someone wants to sell their existing property and buy a new property, the first thing they will be interested in knowing is how much they need to lend from the housing financial institutions to buy the new property. This can be worked out by considering the expected price for your existing property and also any other assets that you have in terms of gold ornaments and shares that you had bought many years ago.

The actual cost of moving your house will be the difference between the selling price of your old property and the actual cost of buying the new property. The first important factor to workout is the value of your old property and how much it can fetch you. This can be calculated by making use of the many online house evaluation calculators available. Though this will not be the exact amount, it will be 80% to 90% of that amount.

Another factor that you need to factor in is your existing mortgage. If you have still some outstanding amount on your current property, then you need to repay the loan amount with some portion of the amount that you will be getting after selling the existing house. Thus the real amount on hand will be the selling cost minus the amount that has been earmarked to close the initial mortgage loan, that had been taken during the purchase of the old property. This amount you have will only be available with you after you have sold the existing property. Till that point, you have some cash surplus in the form of bank deposits and shares. This will be able to take care of the purchase cost associated in buying the new house.

Based on the amount you have in hand after selling the old property, you need to work out how much more mortgage loan one should opt for. Usually the loan amount should not exceed the three times the person’s salary. As there are many lenders around, one has to do a proper comparison of the interest rates charged by the different lenders.

There are also mortgage brokers who will be able to help you in finding the right mortgage deal. When considering the sale of a house, there are some costs associated with that. The costs include the solicitor’s fee, mortgage redemption charges, and storage and removal costs. There are also certain costs associated with the purchase of a new property. This includes the solicitor’s fees, Land registration fees, and mortgage lender’s legal fee.

The Whole truth about fixed fee conveyancing Kent

fixed fee conveyancing kentIf you are looking to buy homes in a great neighborhood, you can find several of them in the County of Kent. In today times, Kent is considered as the best County to live in. There are great urban, semi-rural, and rural areas in the County where people can buy homes of their own living. Homes in Kent are sold at low prices as compared to those in the London or Cambridge Counties. However, being an attractive property market, people are moving fast to the Kent County and prices are rising after each passing year. Therefore, you need to approach fast to any estate agent for the purpose of finding a home in any great neighborhood of the county. He/she will help you find some suitable homes in the property market of the cities of Kent County.

How to find fixed fee conveyancing Kent

After you find a good property that suits your family need and meet their demand, approach a solicitor or licensed conveyancer who will help you buy you a great home in the area of Kent County. Today, we will discuss about fixed fee conveyancing Kent and advantages of buying homes with fixed fee base conveyancing quotes. Before, we proceed a head discussing about fixed fee conveyancing, first we should get some knowledge about conveyancing lawyers.

Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers – What is the difference?

There are two types of property conveyancers i.e. solicitors and licensed conveyancers; both are legal authorized to help people buy homes in the UK. The major difference between them is the authority who regulates and defines the ethics, rules, and regulation of their work in the property market of the UK. Another difference is the study and work experience of solicitors against the licensed conveyancer. Solicitors are lawyers who have complete their study of law for all the 4 years and also a 6 months internship under the guidance of an experienced solicitor. On the other hand, licensed conveyancers are not complete lawyers; however, they are the specialist for the field of home buying and selling.

Why fixed fee conveyancing?

Fees are charged to the buyers based on fixed or hourly bases which depend on the personal preference of the solicitors and licensed conveyancers. Fixed fee are normally prescribed as a feasible option as compared to hourly based fees. There are a few reasons such as

  1. Fixed fees are clear and written in detail
    There is no such thing as surprise charges. People will be paying the cost that was offer to them in paper with detail headings and sections. There will be no hidden fee or surprise charges that some buyers face if they hire inexperienced or nonprofessional firms.
  2. Fixed fee are negotiable
    People can negotiate over the price of home buying; solicitor or licensed conveyancer might give money relief based to a person who deserves it. If you are buying a property with money on hand, you would have the power of negotiation and it will work especially for fixed fee based conveyancers.
  3. Compare and Convey
    With fixed fee, people can compared conveyancing quote of solicitors or licensed conveyancer working in the Kent County. It will be helpful because people will go to the lawyer who charges less as compared to the other in the property market of the Kent County.
  4. No win no pay fee
    Both hourly and fixed fee come under this category. If the lawyer failed to buy a successful deal, buyer wouldn’t be paying anything to the lawyer. With fixed fee basis, buyers only have to pay a few charges based on the types of lawyers or law firms. But on the hourly based contracts, buyers have to pay fee against the hours solicitor has worked on your contract.


The whole idea of the article is to help people hire solicitor based on fixed fee conveyancing Kent County. I am sure, knowing the above facts; you can decide whether you need to hire an hourly based property lawyer or a fixed fee base property lawyer.

Top 9 Reasons to Buy New Homes in Kent

Buy New Homes in Kent
Buy a new home in an attractive area

Buying a new home in Kent may not have occurred to you. But it should and here’s why:

Conveniently Located

Kent is a big country, full of beautiful countryside and home to a more relaxed lifestyle. For those that need their urban fix, London is less than 60 miles away with good rail and road links from the coast. For that extra special city excursion, Europe is 75 minutes by ferry or you can hop on the Eurostar to Paris.

No Hassle to Get Started

Many builders that have new homes for sale in Kent are offering generous incentives to potential buyers such as paying the stamp duty and solicitors in Kent fees. These offers are always changing, so it is good shop around and see who’s got a good deal on.

Decorated exactly as you wish

Orange paint, hideous flowered wallpaper and carpet that was around when Churchill was in Downing Street. With a new house, you don’t have to worry about fixing someone else’s decorating disasters. Many new homebuilders allow you to choose the fittings and colours before the home is complete, so you can just move in and enjoy!

No hidden defects

Your house is brand new so you don’t need to worry about hidden damp or rot underneath the plaster. The roof won’t need doing for at least another 20 years and the boiler has never been used. A brand new house really does have its advantages.

Sport and Leisure

Since you don’t have to spend your weekends stripping wallpaper or refinishing floors, you have more time to take advantage of all that Kent has to offer. For starters, the area has more castles than anywhere else in the country. Then, there is the 67 golf courses, horse racing at Folkstone, motor racing at Brands Hatch, cricket at the Canterbury Cricket Ground and, of course, loads of water sports such as kite-surfing and sailing.


Kent has more miles of coastline than any other English county and more than 1/3 of Kent residents live in coastal districts. Over 14 million people visit Kent each year on holiday. You, on the other hand, can just live there and enjoy the sea all year round.

Get Ahead

Kent is a great place to get ahead. With weekly wages on par with Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester and higher than Cardiff, Glasgow and Newcastle, you’ll have more money to take advantage of Kent’s extensive leisure scene. The low housing prices make the situation even more inviting. Here’s a list of average house prices in comparable districts.

If all that extra money you’ll have starts burning a hole in your pocket, Kent is the perfect place… it’s a virtual shopping paradise. Bluewater, one of the largest shopping centres in Europe is waiting with over 320 shops and a whopping 13,000 parking spaces. If outlet shopping is what you’re after then you’ll find the shopping complexes in Ashford and Medway to be to your taste. Maidstone, Canterbury and Thanet are also developing shopping centres.


Jo Brand, Gloria Hunniford, Fredrick Forsyth, Brenda Blethyn, David Gower, McKenzie Crook, Louise Dean and Fiona Phillips all have Kent connections. You never know who you’re going to spot at the corner shop.

10 best counties to buy your next residency in the UK

Conveyancing in Kent
Georgian homes in Kent

It is really a difficult decision which county in the UK is the best to live. Each one of them has their own advantages. People love to buy a home in a VIP community, where they can enjoy all the great facilities of livelihood such as high status quo, health facilities, business, and employment opportunities. In addition, people also like to have a little bit of fun, visiting the leisure sights in their cities. Some people live in families, while teens like to live with their friends in a single apartment building such as a flat. So buying a home in the UK depends both on needs and on the demands of the residents of the country. I have compiled a list of beautiful counties where people can buy their next homes in the UK.

  1. Kent
    People love to buy a home in the County of Kent. There are many beautiful cities and rural areas in the Kent. Dartford is one of the best cities to buy your homes. In addition, people can also buy some beautiful cottages in the rural areas of the Kent County. The prices of houses in Kent start from £200,000, which is an optimum house price for homes in the UK.
  2. Norfolk
    The average price of a house in Norfolk is $276546. Terrace properties are sold at a price of $166000 and semi-detached houses are available at $182,168 average price. It is a sparsely populated county, with beautiful lush green lands and historical landmarks.
  3. Berkshire
    It is a little expensive than Norfolk County. The average price of a flat is £222592; detached houses are sold at a higher price than flats and semi-detached houses. People consider Berkshire in high regards
  4. Yorkshire
    It is a beautiful Greenland, enriched with multiple heritage sites and historic buildings. House prices are cheaper than a few other parts of the country. People can enjoy a healthy, calm, and beautiful lifestyle in the Yorkshire County.
  5. Cardiff, Wales
    Cardiff is a port city in South Coast of Wales. The average cost of buying the house in Cardiff is £202,833. People can avail education facilities from Cardiff University and other different high schools in the city.
  6. Manchester
    Average prices of houses in Manchester are £158,924. Therefore, people can buy houses with less money as compared to the counties in the list.
  7. Cambridge
    It is an expensive County; however, people can enjoy all the facilities needed for a normal lifestyle. Cambridge University is the ultimate proud of Cambridge City of the County.
  8. Oxford
    The average home buying cost in Oxford is £340000, little expensive, but there are many upsides of buying a home in Oxford. People who like to live in a calm environment might disagree with me, but the kind of facilities Oxford County will offer you might change your mind. There are great universities and schools in the county, hospital, and other facilities. You can buy a home in Banbury that might cost you £277,000.
  9. London
    It is an expensive County, the average price of houses is £541940. However, houses in the East London and Southeast are cheaper than the houses of Central London. The population is quite high and the household income is higher as compared to the other part of the state.
  10. Birmingham, West Midlands
    Birmingham is a borough in the West Midlands of England. Houses are available in different shapes and prices in the borough. Disposable household income for Birmingham is high as compared to the other cities in the UK. It is a great place to live in the country.